Thursday, May 17, 2007

a day within a day within a day

Its been a while since I have realised that I am actually on this roller coaster ride of life. Everything has been going accordingly and somehow I guess we tend to take life for granted when that happens. It has never been my thing to take anything for granted but you cant help feeling the same. Everyday is turning out to be the replica of the days gone by. Its like climbimg a ladder which is circular in shape. Thats what one of my friends said to me this afternoon. The climb has never been so easy and the ride has never been so smooth. The rat race that follows is even worse. It gets worser everyday. As the movement of the money gets faster and faster, the economy gets better and better. People start going crazier and crazier.

Everything around that we know seems to be made up by men. The development has been so intense that we start living with it throughout our lives. Take an example of 'time' itself. Some dude in the past must have come up with this concept of time, date and year. Here we are... thousands of years away and we are still with this 'time'. Take away time for an instance and what do we have... what the hell do you think we are doing in this space with no time, no date, no year. The same goes for everything. Even our names! What are we without our family given names, our clothes and our very own body? The emptiness and the futility of everything! The end of it all.

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